Clarinet Basics Teacher's Notes

If you are a clarinet teacher or player - can you remember why it was you took up the clarinet?

In my case, it was my mother's decision and very grateful I am to her for that! But I do remember being extremely disappointed on discovering the fact that my clarinet broke into 5 little pieces and fitted into a small box.. 

My school journey every day required 4 stops on the London Underground and I was envisaging my fellow passengers looking at my extremely long and intriguing case with considerable envy and interest. The little case unfortunately had no such effect...

Can you remember your first lesson?

Amazingly I can... I was in a group of 4 and my teacher was the great John Davies, who went on to teach me at the RAM. Lessons were such fun. 

Should you be using my own fun approach, Clarinet Basics (and of course I'm delighted if you are) you may not know that I've written some extensive Teacher's notes to go with the book. They're full of Simultaneous Learning type activities and many suggestions to help make the lessons come even more to life. You can find them on the Faber website, but as the route there is a little elaborate, Faber has allowed me to present them as a free download here - I hope you find the notes useful.