Paul Harris is one of the UK’s most-respected music educationalists with over 600 publications to his name. Paul writes frequently on music education for many national and international publications and is in great demand as a workshop and seminar leader around the world. He is a composer, clarinettist, examiner and writer as well as a lecturer on music education at the Royal Academy of Music and a visiting professor at the Danish Conservatoire in Odense. In 2001 his Music Teacher's Companion won the Music Industries Association’s Best New Book award and his series Improve Your Theory! won the Music teachers best printed resource in 2016, and his Practice Starters won the same award in 2017. He has also co-authored important biographies of Sir Malcolm Arnold (he is Director of the annual Malcolm Arnold Festival) and Malcolm Williamson.  He is also an examiner for the ABRSM and an adjudicator.


Paul's comprehensive range of workshops, benefiting teachers, pupils, and parents, are listed and explained in detail below.  


The Virtuoso Teacher

Based on his ground-breaking book, this inspiring presentation can range from a single 2 or 3-hour session to an all-day or even 2-day workshop. By considering the Virtuoso Teacher and how a teacher might attain virtuoso status, Paul Harris delves into the core issues of being a teacher and the teaching process. This uplifting workshop encourages everyone to consider themselves in a new light and transform their teaching.  


Simultaneous Learning

Paul Harris’ concept of Simultaneous Learning is now a recognised and highly regarded form of teaching worldwide. This exciting, imaginative and holistic approach encourages students to learn positively, effectively and independently. It turns the old-fashioned ‘reactive’ style of teaching (pupils play, make mistakes and teacher corrects) on its head. This inherently practical way of teaching allows you, as teacher, to get the best out of your pupils and include all the core skills within a standard lesson time. In this presentation you will discover techniques that enable pupils to develop much more fully as musicians.


Creative teaching

An indispensable workshop, looking at all sorts of practical strategies and inspiring ideas for making lessons engaging, imaginative and creative for both teacher and pupil.  It covers many core principles including Simultaneous Learning, The 4 Ps and how to put an energetic and winning lesson together. 


Teaching the language of music: How to make the other stuff fun and relevant

As music teachers, of the three main areas of study that fill up our contact time with pupils — the development of technique, the nurturing of artistry and actually learning the language itself, it is usually the latter that often gets minimal (if any) attention.  But it is of extreme importance, especially if we are to help developing musicians achieve their full potential and become fully functioning independent musical thinkers and practitioners.  It is far from an exaggeration to say that those pupils who might not instinctively 'get' the main concepts of musical language (and are not taught it) will probably give up at some point, often sooner rather than later, confused, puzzled and maybe disappointed.  In this workshop Paul will try to redress this situation. He will investigate the areas of our world that may be said to be the Language of Music, why they are so important and explore how we can teach them in a fun and practical way.

This session would be relevant and helpful for teachers, parents and pupils alike.


 "If only my pupil's would practise more!"  

Practice makes perfect…or does it? This fascinating workshop improves the quality and effectiveness of practice by helping teachers motivate their pupils to get the best out of the time between lessons. Paul Harris offers a wealth of ideas and strategies that will bring a greater understanding to all of how best to use those precious hours. He also challenges and dispels a number of presently held opinions on what makes for effective practice. An ideal presentation for teachers with students who are not fulfilling their potential, or who have talented pupils with low motivation.  This workshop can also be delivered directly to the pupils themselves.


Improve your sight-reading!

Discover the secret of the success of the Improve your Sight-Reading! series in this workshop: perfect for all teachers wishing to improve the sight-reading skills of their pupils! You will learn how to help students understand the process of sight-reading and develop fluency, accuracy and confidence. The often-feared sight reading test is an essential and valuable part of the musical assessment process and Paul’s experience in helping young musicians face it head on, and come out smiling, will be an inspiration. This workshop can also be delivered directly to the pupils.


Making scales fun!  

Scales can be fun! This workshop for teachers who are searching for new and inspiring techniques for learning scales. Based on Paul’s popular Improve Your Scales! series, this presentation transforms learning scales into an invigorating, creative and enjoyable process. It introduces a multi-faceted approach by exploring both left- and right-brained strategies. This workshop can also be delivered directly to the pupils themselves.


Teaching aural  

An essential workshop for those wishing to find strategies to integrate aural into practical lessons. Paul explores techniques for encouraging students to tackle the many facets of playing and understanding music in a Simultaneous Learning style. Aural work is at the very centre of musical training and practical music making. This session will help teachers to make aural perception integral to the learning process, which will help students develop as rounded and complete musicians.  


Theory matters

This one-day (or possibly shorter) course is designed to make the whole area of teaching theory interesting, fun and relevant for instrumental teachers.  It considers the theory behind music theory and explores different strategies and approaches to integrating it into regular teaching, based on Paul’s Simultaneous Learning approach.  


Improvisation and composition

This session helps to take the fear out of two of the most emotive musical subjects, as well as helping teachers integrate improvisation and composition confidently into instrumental lessons. Improvisation and compositional techniques are becoming an important part of the examination process and play a large part in developing musicianship skills. This empowering workshop helps teachers overcome the trepidation that often accompanies the prospect of teaching improvisation and composition, and gives advice on encouraging students to have a go.


Group teaching

This workshop is a fascinating yet practical exploration of how to get the best from group teaching. Paul demonstrates how Simultaneous Learning techniques can be used to produce effective and absorbing group lessons and how this helps to reduce the difficulties and stress that can arise through group teaching.  This workshop is best delivered alongside Paul’s session on Simultaneous Learning and if a group is available, so much the better! 


Best practice for wind teaching/Advanced wind teaching

Benefit from Paul’s immense experience, knowledge and research in this workshop which revisits fundamentals such as the teaching of technique, and helps teachers and students take their own playing to new levels. An inspirational session for performers and teachers.



Paul is highly experienced in taking masterclasses for wind players of all standards, and particularly specialises in helping those preparing for grade and diploma examinations. These sessions are always fun, interesting and relevant to the players.   

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