About Paul

After studies at the Royal Academy of Music and the University of London, Paul Harris has now established an international reputation as one of the UK's leading educationalists.

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Simultaneous Learning

Teaching music is, incontestably, one of the most fascinating and stimulating of all professions. And as teachers we can inspire, encourage and help our pupils develop...

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Paul's Publications

Firmly rooted in Paul Harris’s Simultaneous Learning approach, it will transform how music theory is taught and learned, improving every aspect of musicianship along the way. 

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Paul Harris: A Musical Celebration

  • Paul Harris’s attractive workbooks are to be highly recommended.
    — Music Teacher Magazine
  • Not only is Paul Harris’s music gorgeous throughout, but he gets his pupils improvising right from the beginning.
    — Pamela Weston
  • The magic is about delighting in the endless potential of Paul’s techniques and approaches.
    — Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Principal, Royal Academy of Music
  • What is clear from this CD is that Harris has a knack of being able to shake lovely melodies out of his sleeve almost at will.
    — Musicweb