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  • Paul Harris's inspirational self-motivation is about asking
    those questions which revise and refine the notion of what being a good teacher really is
    Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Principal, Royal Academy of Music.
  • Paul Harris is one of the great reflective practitioners of our time.
    His fascination with the teaching process proves to be truly inspirational
    Colin Lawson, Director, Royal College of Music.
  • Not only is Paul Harris's music gorgeous throughout,
    but he gets his pupils improvising right from the beginning.
    Pamela Weston

  • Paul Harris's attractive workbooks are to be highly recommended
    Music Teacher Magazine
  • What is clear from this CD is that Harris has a knack of being able to shake lovely
    melodies out of his sleeve almost at will.
  • The magic is about delighting in the endless potential of Paul's
    techniques and approaches.
    Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Principal, Royal Academy of Music

  • A Musical Celebration

    Now available at the great price of £7.44 on Amazon!

    Hugely delighted that Victoria's CD is now available. It would difficult to choose a favourite (there are so many) but if really pushed then it would have to be Robert Hardy's wonderful narration of The Unhappy Aardvark.

    We had a lot of fun recording the CD up at the studios at Keele University - see blog for a fuller story! Here are a couple of tasters - the first movement of the Divertimento for flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon and piano and the last movement of Visions which is currently on grade 7.

    Click on the cover for a link to buy the CD! Available from iTunes as well!

    The Virtuoso Teacher

    Price £9.99

    By considering The Virtuoso Teacher and how a teacher might attain virtuoso status, renowned educator and writer Paul Harris delves into the core issues of being a teacher and the teaching process. A fascinating look at topics such as:

    • self-awareness and the importance of emotional intelligence
    • getting the best out of pupils
    • dealing with challenging pupils
    • asking the right questions
    • creating a master-plan
    • taking the stress out of learning
    • teaching for the right reasons.

    This seminal book is an inspirational read for all music teachers, encouraging everyone to consider themselves in a new and uplifted light, and transform their teaching.

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    Simultaneous Learning

    Paul's Revolutionary Teaching Methods

    simultaneous learning

    Full Article and Videos

    Paul Harris discusses his highly imaginative approach to music teaching known as Simultaneous Learning.

    Teaching music is, incontestably, one of the most fascinating and stimulating of all professions. And as teachers we can inspire, encourage and help our pupils to develop that very special ability to play or sing music independently and so give them a skill that really will enhance their lives..

    Paul Harris

    Educational Series (Grades 1-8)

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    Educational series: Improve your Aural!

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    The very thought of aural, especially in examinations, strikes fear into the heart of many young pianists and instrumentalists. But aural should not be an occasional optional extra, it's something to be developing all the time, because having a good ear will help you to improve as a musician more than any other single musical skill.

    Paul Harris gives an introduction to his acclaimed series Improve Your Sight Reading

    Paul Harris

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    Paul Harris

    Diary & Events: January 2016 onwards

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    Malcolm Arnold Festival 2013

    "I think of music in terms of sound"

    Sat 19th - Sun 20th October

    A celebration of Sir Malcolm's great music across many of his most popular genres, including music from the movies, ballet, music for children ensemble music and an especial focus this year on his concertos.

    • Purple Dust (iii) O'Killigans lilt
    • Scherzetto For Clarinet & Piano
    • Suite Bourgeoise: Movement No.5
    • Track Name?....
    • Track Name?....

    Paul's Youtube Channel

    Victoria Soames Samek interviews Paul

  • The Virtouso Teacher

    By considering The Virtuoso Teacher and how a teacher might attain virtuoso status...

  • Simultaneous Learning

    Paul Harris introduces his transformational, imaginative and pro-active process of teaching

  • Sight Reading

    Paul Harris gives an introduction to his acclaimed series 'Improve Your Sight Reading'

  • Group Teaching

    Paul Harris considers group teaching

  • Paul Harris: An Introduction

    An introduction to the work of music educationalist Paul Harris.

  • Victoria Soames Samek interviews Paul

    Talking to Paul Harris about the new CD of his music...

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