My trip to Slovenia!

Was delighted to have been invited to Slovenia last weekend to speak at a conference for flute players and teachers. 

Those who attended traveled from all over Slovenia and neighbouring Serbia and Slovakia. I was very touched by their warmth and kindness. It was run by the wonderful Ana Pucihar and her husband Blaz, who ABRSM followers will know for his 'Playful Pony' presently set on flute Grade 5.

There wasn't much time for sightseeing, but I did enjoy a short tour of the tiny capital Ljubljana and was treated to a delicious apple crumble ice cream! Also to some street musicians playing some national folk music - a small extract is below - inexpertly filmed on my iPhone! The conference was held in a very beautiful 1000 year old castle. 

I spoke about Simultaneous Learning, which many of the teachers there already knew about and found their questions afterwards insightful and penetrating.

I'm now looking forward to another visit!